John Darotiz's Art

Eminem – Art Is The Quality Of Expression

Eminem is credited for single handedly popularizing the hip-hop culture in midwestern America. Despite growing up within a broken home, Eminem continued to develop his craft. His hard work and dedication led him to become a critically acclaimed rapper and help him break the world’s record for the most words used in a hit single, “Rap God.”

Eminem has also battled internal demons as described in his written rhymes that speak about his own mental health and drug addiction struggles. He’s been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, depression and anger issues, and admitted that his music is a source of therapy.

Artwork Details:
Dimensions: 40” x 50” x 2”
Approx. Pin Count: 42,000
Finished Framed: Yes
Material: Map Pins onto Painted Cork
Style: Commercial Pop
Weight: 50 lbs
Ready to Hang: Yes
Signed: Yes