John Darotiz's Art

Madonna – Keep Pushing Boundaries

Madonna is a successful recording artist who is also considered to be the Queen of Reinvention. She continues to push boundaries of artistic expression music with her multi-layered approach to mainstream music. Madonna isn’t afraid to be shocking or controversial by continuously exploring the extremes of what it means to be human.

Madonna has openly discussed her encounters with depression and eating disorders. She’s struggled with extreme stress and has engaged in self-destructive behaviors. Although not formally diagnosed, many experts believe that Madonna exhibited symptoms of borderline personality disorder.

Artwork Details:
Dimensions: 40” x 50” x 2”
Approx. Pin Count: 47,000
Finished Framed: Yes
Material: Map Pins onto Painted Cork
Style: Commercial Pop
Weight: 50 lbs
Ready to Hang: Yes
Signed: Yes