John Darotiz's Art

Samuel L. Jackson – No Such Thing As Luck

Samuel L. Jackson is a hard-working actor who’s a consummate professional, icon, activist and role model. What most would perceive as luck, Jackson instead attributes his success to preparation meeting opportunity. He’s not one to stand in his own way. He believes in taking a stand on important issues and becoming part of something greater than yourself.

As a child, Samuel struggled with stuttering and fought substance use disorder as a teenager. He felt his addictions throughout life were a direct result of genetics and environmental components. They affected him psychologically. Despite his afflictions, Samuel realizes the importance of sobriety in order to have a meaningful life.

Artwork Details:
Dimensions: 40” x 50” x 2”
Approx. Pin Count: 34,000
Finished Framed: Yes
Material: Map Pins onto Painted Cork
Style: Commercial Pop
Weight: 50 lbs
Ready to Hang: Yes
Signed: Yes