John Darotiz's Art

Sylvester Stallone – Fight the Good Fight

Sylvester Stallone established a very successful career as an actor, writer and director. He’s also an accomplished artist. But his successful acting career didn’t come easily. Stallone dealt with many obstacles and rejections as a result of his speech impediment. While attending a boxing match, Sylvester had an idea to create ‘Rocky’, the most beloved character of all time. As a result, the success of Rocky led him to play several other memorable roles.

Sylvester is a strong advocate for mental illness. He believes that it’s on the rise, because too many people aren’t being challenged or pushed to their limits. According to Sylvester, there’s something to be said about proving yourself and not having things handed to you. This is why he relates to his character roles of Rocky and Rambo.

Artwork Details:
Dimensions: 40” x 50” x 2”
Approx. Pin Count: 32,000
Finished Framed: Yes
Material: Map Pins onto Painted Cork
Style: Commercial Pop
Weight: 50 lbs
Ready to Hang: Yes
Signed: Yes